Monday, September 1, 2008

A Load of Aloe

I have always wanted an aloe plant.  My Grandmother had an aloe plant and I remember her snipping off pieces of it and rubbing the thick jelly on my numerous bug bites and scratches I stayed covered with as a child.  

Last year, I bought a small plant at the local nursery.  It wasn't much bigger than my fist, but it quickly grew.  And grew.  And grew.  From that plant, small aloe sprouts called "pups" sprang up, each giving life to a new aloe plant.  And so, like with rabbits, I am now the proud owner of an endless supply of aloe.  

Now the question of what to do with all of this aloe comes about.  I have depleted my supply of pots and am now resorted to using coffee cans.  I am also not above the BYOP method, ("Bring Your Own Pot") for those wishing to take a plant home.  I have even used an old shoe or two to hold the new sprigs.

Most of my friends are already recipients of aloe.  All of the teachers who lovingly taught my girls last year received aloe. The bus driver now owns some aloe.  I shared some aloe with my neighbors.  My next target? My postman Mike could probably use a plant or two.  And maybe my husband could take some into the office...

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