Thursday, September 4, 2008


My youngest daughter has a new occupation.  I believe she might be the first fourth grade hairdresser the world has ever known!

I regularly cut my Grandfather and husband's hair.  I have done so for years to save both money and the hassle of waiting at the barber's.  I am certainly no expert, but after years of practice, I have gotten it down to a science.  The last time I began to cut my Grandfather's hair, my youngest was watching intently and asked if she could try.  My Grandfather shrugged his shoulders and said to let her do the whole thing. With a lot of help from me, she finished his haircut and did a nice job, I must say.

I knew something was up when I was getting my daughter off of the bus yesterday.  Granddaddy walked up next to me and said "I need to talk to her". That meant, "Go away".  So I left the two of them alone and my daughter came bursting through the door a few minutes later. He wanted his hair cut and she had to get her supplies together.

I was given strict instructions to "let her do it", so I watched with my hands crammed under my legs so I wouldn't be quick to grab the scissors.  She draped a covering over him and carefully combed out his hair.  I showed her which clippers to use and she began what would prove to be the longest hair cut in history.  But I will have to say, when she finished the job and I looked, apart from one sideburn being shorter than the other, it was gosh darn good.  

I watched as Granddaddy crammed a bunch of wadded up dollar bills in her hand, (I don't think I was supposed to know) and the customer left the front porch with a smile.  Only certain people will let a 9 year old little girl cut their hair.  I hope that when I am 90, I am one of them.

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