Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Days

Well, we have survived the first half of the first week of school without too many battle scars to show for. Maddie began middle school this year and Emma is in 4th grade. Other than Emma being sad that her big sister wasn't there at her school anymore, I have no worries about how Emma's year will go. All of her friends are in her class and she was excited about going back. Maddie has been a nervous wreck all summer about beginning her middle school career, so I was more than a little concerned about how she would do. I can now safely say she is probably the first child in history to absolutely love middle school!

Since Maddie began middle school, it caused me to reflect back onto my own middle school memories. I can't believe I made it out unharmed, now that I think about it. I remember vividly 6th grade picture day like it was yesterday. All of my friends arrived in the typical 80's garb of the time...jelly bracelets, big hair, long sweaters, pegged jeans. My mom wanted me to look my best and went out and bought me a special outfit just for the occasion. Now that I have a few years under me, I am amazed that I didn't totally revolt and refuse to wear it, but for some reason I didn't and I went to school in what I now call the Outfit from You Know Where. There I stood in my 6th grade class picture in black velvet knickers, white knee socks, black patent shoes, a white puffy shirt (right out of Seinfeld) and a black velvet vest to top off the whole look. Let's just say I looked a little out of place. (Understatement of the century!)

I am happy to say that as Maddie and Emma get dressed for school, they will easily blend in with the rest of the kids. I might not even be able to easily pick them out of their class picture...but that is not a bad thing, considering the other option!

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