Wednesday, August 13, 2008


From the moment we said we would be getting some animals, my daughter Maddie begged for a pig.  She began with wanting a full sized sow, but we talked her out of that one.  I don't think she understand just how large "large" could be until we showed her some full grown pigs up close.  She settled on a pot bellied pig and saved her money.

One cold February day, we picked up Maddie's pig.  She cuddled it up in a towel on the way home and decided her name would be Petunia.  Being that it was so cold outside, the girls and I petitioned Dad to let us keep Petunia in the kitchen for a few weeks until she got a little bigger.  Since my husband did not grow up on a farm or around animals, he certainly was unaccustomed to pigs living in the kitchen but the rest of us thought it was a fine idea.  He jokingly says now that if only he knew what was in store for him, he might have thought twice about asking me out in college!

Petunia has now grown, and I mean quite literally grown, into a fine looking pig and is a true member of our family.  We even have a pig bowl in our kitchen where only our finest scraps get tossed with Petunia's name written all over them.  People often ask what is that black blob out in the middle of our pasture and we are proud to say that blob is our Petunia!

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