Monday, August 11, 2008

Ricky Rules the Roost

I didn't expect company the day I had a knock on the door. Someone's neighbor had a rooster named Ricky who was looking for a good home. She said he was lonely and was looking for some ladies to keep him company.  I think he must have been loud as well. Otherwise, the neighbor wouldn't have been involved in helping Ricky begin his courting days.  She dropped him off first thing the next morning and Ricky quickly made himself at home.  It didn't take long for him to begin thinking he is hot stuff and he now routinely struts around the hens, looking for his chance to make his move.  We have several hawks in the area and I can always tell when they are close by.  Ricky will begin to squawk loudly, ordering the hens to quickly find cover. When the hawks leave and Ricky knows the coast is clear, he makes another noise that must mean, "Okay, Ladies. Ricky has once again saved the day. Gather around and let me tell you about how I defended you from the meanest looking hawks you have ever seen." I love to hear Ricky crow his call each morning...and mid-morning...and noon...and afternoon...and dusk! Whoever said roosters only crow in the morning has never been around a rooster. Never the less, we all love the sound of Ricky crowing and even our neighbors say they enjoy it, too. I usually will sit out on the front porch to relax for a few minutes each day and I always see Ricky running after butterflies in the pasture, with his ladies close behind him. We do have other roosters, but Ricky certainly rules the roost here.

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