Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chicken Hawks

We have been battling hawks since we first acquired our chickens. When the hawks first began appearing, I thought they were beautiful.  In fact, one would perch on the electric wire right outside our house just above the pasture.  I would watch them while sitting on the porch, commenting on how marvelous "our" hawks were. That is until the first time one of "my" hawks dove down like a downed plane and in one swoop, killed one of my chickens.  I can without any tears or regret say that the hawks have now been disowned by the family.

Because we believe in free ranging our chickens, there is no way to protect them from the hawks. And once a hawk gets a taste of the never-ending supply of free food, they will be back and they will bring their friends and family!  People often ask us how many chickens do we have.  I have to honestly answer that I don't know.  It depends on how many the hawks got the day before.

Our turkey, Percy, had a baby chicken she has claimed as her own.  In fact, she hatched out this baby chick after faithfully setting on what she thought was  a turkey egg.  She was bound and determined that this chicken was a turkey and treated it as her baby.  This is when we in the South say, "Bless her heart."  In other words, "Isn't she stupid?". This saying is usually said with a smile and a slight nod of the head.  Trust is an art form.  

Well, today, a hawk killed Percy's baby.  Did the hawk eat the chick or even carry away the chick to have left-overs the next day?  No.  All it did was swoop down and break its little neck. It was not to survive, which I might have more respect for.  It was for game.  Well, take a little word of warning from person to hawk.  The game is now on.  (Disclaimer:  No hawk will be hurt in the hunt.)

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Shanda said...

hello there, nice to meet you. I have read through your blog and enjoyed myself as well.
I feel so bad for Percy's little chick, that is too bad and so sad. I would load me up a twenty two and blast away at those critters, same with the coyotes here. Hope you get them. I have added you into my side bar so I can read each day. I do hope that is alright.